Children and Adult Bible Study on Sundays

Bible Study Opportunities

We have bible study for all ages beginning at 2 yrs. and teachers ready to teach. We hope you take advantage of bringing your child to church so that as they grow in faith they will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6).    

Beginning in February (2019) we have some great adult Bible studies going on: 

  1. We began Ezra – Nehemiah in February. We continue to see how God keeps His promises to restore His people, the Temple of their worship and the city of Jerusalem. Despite the peoples around them wage campaigns for the rebuilding to stop, God works all things out for their Good and His glory! Join us any time for coffee, fellowship and Gospel encouragement…


2. Managing your finances can, at the very least, be a challenge, but does it need to be so difficult? Join Cynthia Tellman in the Lobby at 9:15am for a Managing Finances Bible Study. Learn about God the Giver, Making the Most Out of Me and My Possessions, , Managing Money God’s Way and Living Stewardship. Join us to learn how to make the most of all the blessings God has bestowed upon you!