Bible Study Wednesday

We have finished (July 25) our study in Gospel of John, 1, 2, 3 John and Jude as well! Good stuff for sure! For the month of August our normal Wednesday study will take a break and resume September 5. We will begin the exciting book of Revelation! Revelation, despite the ‘fear’ many sense from it, was written to be a blessing and to give eternal hope to the church that was in the throws of persecution. We still live in a world dominated by unbelief that continues to harass believers in various ways, even to the point of taking lives.

There is another reason to come to know and love this book: Even in the church there are differing views/explanations that are in conflict with God’s Word. What are they? Glad you asked! Come with on this journey of recognizing what God wants all people, especially believers everywhere to know…  God, in Jesus Christ is in control of all human events, God loves, cares and continues to reach out to all people, and the Scripture provides encouragement in the face of hostilities directed towards God’s children in His Church.

Anyone is welcome to join us at any time. We continue to be amazed at God’s grace in the midst of suffering and persecution as we move forward in the New Year. Classes on Wednesdays resume January 9… Wednesday mornings from 9 -10:30am, Wednesday evenings from 7 – 8:30pm.  Gathering time schedule will be: quick welcome/overview, table discussion based on homework, with lecture/question/answer time and prayer. Bring Bible – Study material provided. Invite a friend, grab a cup of coffee and be filled by God’s promises found in Jesus Christ! You may sign up/inquire by phone (251-626-7500) or email –